Work Ethics

  • Forced Labor: We don’t take work from our labor forcefully. All our labor work with full dedication without being pressured or forced by the management through any means.
  • Child Labor: Startex Industry is strictly against the hiring of child labor and child labor is not hired in the factory for any mind of work.
  • Compensation: We make sure that we pay the minimum legal wage or the wage prevailing in the industry, whichever is higher. We also make sure to pay the overtime to our employees for the number of extra hours that they have worked.
  • Health & Safety: We provide all the health and safety measures to our employees during the work to prevent any kind of accidents and injuries which may arise during the course of their work in the factory.
  • Environment: We take special care of the environment surrounding us and follow all the necessary and applicable country laws and regulations regarding the environment.
  • Harassment or Abuse: We make sure that every employee of Startex Industry is treated with respect and dignity and does not face any kind of harassment such as physical, psychological, sexual or verbal. We have strict rules against the harassment or abuse and it will not be tolerated at any level.
  • Discipline & Termination: The employees are expected to work in the discipline and follow all the disciplinary rules. The employees are given a series of warning incase if they don’t show up before the final suspension or termination from the company. We do not take forced resignations from our employees.
  • Freedom Movement: The employees are allowed to leave the company when authorized or in case of any emergency or under special circumstances such as death or illness in the family for which the employee will not be penalized.
  • Discrimination: The employees are not discriminated on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity etc at the time of hiring, wages, advancements and termination etc. We make sure that the employees are treated fairly and there is no discriminatory biasness.